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Free Online Devotionals For Seniors

An on-site chaplain and community worship services are just some ways you can continue on your spiritual journey after moving into Bethesda Gardens in Phoenix. We know that for some individuals, daily devotional time is important, and if you have a computer, smartphone or tablet, you can tap into the wisdom and insight of many free online devotionals. We scoured the web to find some great online devotionals for older adults.

Hope-Full Living

This devo comes in both print and online copies. You can view years of archives or download the current quarterly edition in PDF format for viewing on your computer or mobile device. The mission of this devotional is to inspire seniors and remind them that they have "a body, a mind, a spirit and a message" from God to share with the world.

If you'd rather have the devotional in printed format, you can order Hope-Full Living as a one-year subscription.

Crosswalk.com's Senior Living Devotional

One way to ensure you never miss a daily devotional in your assisted living apartment is to sign up for a daily email devotional. These are delivered to your digital inbox every day, usually at a certain time, and they can help remind you to seek Scripture and prayer time. Crosswalk provides a free daily devo especially for seniors on week days. You can access it online or sign up at the bottom of the devotional to receive the content via email.

Senior Living Ministries

Senior Living Ministries provides another option for a daily devotional delivered straight to your inbox. The organization's website also includes a Verses of Comfort page and a resource library with articles about spirituality, the Bible and other topics that may be of interest to seniors of faith.

Back to the Bible

If you prefer to listen to devotionals rather than read them, Back to the Bible may be a better fit for your daily time with the Word. Each day, the website publishes a 60-second devotional that looks at the applications of a specific Scripture. This is a great option for people who have a hard time figuring out how to fit God's Word into their day. Start the devotional playing on your smartphone and you'll have listened to a full minute of Scripture study before you can finish brushing your teeth. Talk about an effective, efficient way to start the day.

Bible Gateway Devotionals

If you haven't found something of interest in this list of devotionals, consider checking out the options available from BibleGateway.com. The popular Bible site collects links to all types of devotionals, so you can choose from classics like a daily dose of C.S. Lewis or Charles Spurgeon or opt for devos specifically for men or women. Other options offered by the site include devotionals for families or leaders or those who explore the Bible or faith topics in more detail. Both Spanish and audio devotionals are also available.

If you're comfortable online, you can access a myriad of faith-based resources. Peruse the many devotionals available to find one that speaks to you and helps you continue to grow in your spiritual journey.