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An Active Assisted Living Lifestyle Helps Trump Anxiety

According to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders impact around 18% of the American adult population. That's roughly 1 in 5 adults, so if you're dealing with anxiety, you're not alone. In fact, there's a high likelihood that numerous other people within the assisted living community are also engaged in this battle.

And even if you don't have a diagnosed—or diagnosable—anxiety disorder, it's completely natural to have situational anxiety or even seasons of anxiety. Moving into an assisted living community, for example, may have caused you some stress and anxiety.

But the assisted living environment also offers some excellent tools for dealing with anxiety, whether you're doing so as part of an overall mental health management process or simply wanting to reduce the impact of anxiety about a certain situation.

Here are some ways you can use the amenities and tools offered at Bethesda Gardens in Phoenix, AZ, to help with issues of stress of anxiety.

Choose some activities to engage with.

Check the activities calendar for the assisted living community on a monthly basis to see what you might be interested in participating in. Each day is filled with half a dozen or more options on average, and activities include options such as exercise, games, Bible study, crafts, puzzles, snacks, entertainment and simple social hours.

Engaging in activities helps battle anxiety in a number of ways, including:

  • Giving your mind something to concentrate on other than what you're anxious about
  • Freeing your brain from the cycle of fear or stress so that it can ponder creative solutions or answers
  • Helping you make friends who can provide support in the future during times of stress
  • Offering a chance for you to help others, which can reduce your own stress

Remember that you can always do as much or as little as you prefer, so don't add more stress and anxiety to your day by trying to engage in all of the activities unless that's what you want to do. Pick an activity a day or even one a week to start with. Experiment with various activities to find the ones that bring you the most enjoyment and benefits.

If you have any questions about activities or need assistance joining in, reach out to the Bethesda Gardens staff. And if you're just considering an assisted living community as a new home and would like more information about the activities we host, reach out to get more information or schedule a visit so you can see some of the activities for yourself.

Get plenty of physical exercise.

The ADAA notes that exercise is a natural way to help relieve anxiety and stress symptoms. Don't worry, though: You don't have to sweat it out for 45 minutes, lift weights or run on a treadmill to get the benefits. According to some psychologists that have studied the relationship between exercise and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, a 10-minute walk can bring as many benefits as a 45-minute workout. Other study findings have found that:

  • People who are regularly active have a 25% lower chance of suffering from anxiety and depression over the next five years than people who are sedentary.
  • Regular exercise may be as effective as medication for treating anxiety in many cases.
  • Working on personal physical fitness goals can help reduce general stress and improve healthy habits such as sleep.

It's important to note that exercise isn't a magic pill that works for everyone, though. If you're dealing with chronic anxiety or another mental health concern or feel overwhelmed by your stress, reach out to the Bethesda Gardens staff or your medical provider for assistance. Exercise may be part of an overall treatment plan for you.

And if you want to engage in exercise for all its many benefits, always ensure that you're doing so appropriately for your level of health. Consult your medical provider before starting any exercise program, and consider beginning with some of the exercise programs offered at the assisted living community.

Reach out for spiritual assistance.

Bethesda Gardens is a faith-based assisted living community. We work to ensure seniors of faith have the spiritual support they need to live a well-rounded, vibrant life. That includes Bible study and worship options as well as an on-site chaplain. You can get one-on-one spiritual care from the chaplain when you want to discuss worries or faith-based topics.

Ask for help with a specific concern.

And no matter what concern you might be facing, life in an assisted living community ensures you have the support you need. Our caring, compassionate staff is always ready and willing to lend an ear or a hand when you need it, so don't hesitate to reach out for assistance with any concerns. That peace of mind can relieve anxiety, particularly about small concerns throughout the day or larger issues such as safety or security.

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