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5 Ideas to Decorate Your Assisted Living Apartment for the Holidays

When it comes to decorating your assisted living apartment, clever is better than clutter. Too much clutter can make your space seem small or even get in the way of mobility. Here are five tips and tricks to get the most out of your apartment if holiday decor makes you happy.

1. Hanging Decor

When you're short on surface space, placing decor on tables and counters might not be the best option for you. Instead, think outside the box. Try using ribbon to hang small wreaths from your cabinets or your doors. Hang a slightly larger one from a window. Stringing a few ornaments from your windows also adds a bit of merriment. If you have a chandelier or other ceiling fixture, hanging ornaments from it creates a lovely festive look without adding any clutter. These are simple, effective ways to draw some holiday cheer into your home.

Do remember to talk to the Bethesda Gardens staff about any safety concerns before incorporating hanging decor into your apartment. And if ladders or stools are required to reach anything, reach out for assistance to avoid a fall.

2. Utilize Wall Space

Even large assisted living apartments may be short on floor space, so take advantage of your walls. Hanging a simple strand of garland adds a bit of festive charm, and if you want to kick it up a notch, hang a few ornaments on it. You could also consider adding some twinkle lights.

This makes for an excellent alternative to a bulky Christmas tree and still allows you to display a few beloved ornaments. There are many varieties of Christmas garland, so if a standard garland doesn't suit your space, try some made with felt, yarn or even paper.

3. Smaller Scale Christmas Tree

Christmas trees come in any number of shapes and sizes, and many artificial ones come prelit these days. This makes finding the right size for your space much easier. Mini trees run smaller in size and can easily be placed on a side table. dresser or other surface, where they won't eat away at your floor space. When opting for a mini tree, you can still display some of your favorite ornaments for a traditional touch to your decor.

4. Fresh Cut Branches

There are few scents that say "happy holidays" like that of a freshly cut Christmas tree. Some tree farms and lots have mini trees for sale. But the options aren't as plentiful as they are with artificial trees, and you may need to allow space for the stand.

If you want the scent of a real tree without the hassle, buy a few branches instead. Some tree lots may even give you cuttings free of charge, as they will end up as scraps anyway. Branches can be put in a vase and set on a table or lined up on a window sill. If the branches are large enough, you may be able to hang lightweight ornaments from them. Or, tie a red ribbon around a bunch of branches and hang them from a window or door or on a wall.

5. Repurposing Holiday Cards

Looking to add a little twinkle to your holiday? Grab a strand of indoor Christmas lights and attach them to your wall in the outline of a tree. Decorate the inside of your "tree" with Christmas cards, pictures of family members or art from your grandchildren. This a fun way to display holiday cards, but it's also a unique way to show them off to friends in your assisted living community.