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11 Tips for Making the Most of Your Assisted Living Apartment Space

If you've spent some time traveling the country in an RV or other type of camper, you know what it's like to live in small spaces. From stowing things in cabinets or under furniture to adding height with stackable shelves, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding places to put things in cozy spaces. Here are 11 tips for making the most of your assisted living apartment space.

1. Add as Much Light as Possible

The eye goes where it can see, and it won't go wherever there's darkness. The Bible reminds us of this too: "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." (Matthew 6:22, KJV).

The lesson here is to let in as much light as you can, including sunlight through windows and well-placed lamps. A room that's dark and shadowy looks a lot smaller than one that's well-lit.

2. Think About Height When Adding Shelving

Just like in an RV that you may have camped in before, stackable shelves that anchor to the wall can add storage space without taking up much of a footprint. Wooden cube storage can be excellent for this, and it's ideal for holding extra pantry items or lightweight things like towels or clothes. You can even add some pull-out cloth drawers for hiding clutter.

If you're an avid reader, having a dedicated space to display and store all of your books is a great idea too. Take a similar approach by using a narrow, but tall, bookcase to house your collection. And if your assisted living apartment happens to have built-in shelves, that might be even better.

3. Adopt a Minimalist Approach to Decor

Smaller spaces can look cluttered quickly, so having a space for everything is important. For instance, at your bathroom sink, keeping just hand soap on the counter and everything else in a nearby medicine cabinet is an easy way for this area to look tidy. Store less-frequently used things out of the way so you can find them when you need them.T

For the TV area, make sure your TV stand has extra built-in shelves. These are great for housing your cable box, movie players and remotes.

4. Transform Your Entry Area

Keeping a small table near your door can help with corralling loose items and holding things like your wallet or handbag when you get inside. A decorative bowl is a great place for keys and loose change, or you can hang a key rack on the wall.

5. Tackle the Bedroom

Clothes need a lot of space to be stored correctly, and this can be challenging to do in a smaller apartment. Utilizing closet space can help with this, especially if you can add shelving or hangers. Or, you can opt to put an easily accessible dresser in your bedroom area for frequently-worn outfits. Store off-season clothes in your closet in a stackable plastic bin for easy retrieval later.

6. Keep Furniture Against the Wall

With the exception of a sofa or other divider you might use to set a boundary between your bedroom and living space, try to keep furniture against the wall as much as possible. This creates more open space and makes your assisted living apartment at Bethesda Gardens in Phoenix feel bigger.

7. Hang Some Mirrors

Besides being useful for checking your appearance before you head out for daily activities, such as Bible study, bingo or bowling, a mirror can also help make a room appear larger. Hang one near the door for a final check before heading out, or hang one in your bedroom area. It's perfect for admiring your appearance in a new sweater your daughter picked out.

8. Decorate With Multipurpose Furniture

If you're able, using furniture that does double duty as effective storage is a great way to save space. Some ottomans, for instance, open up for storing things like magazines, remote controls or books. And they make great catch-alls for quickly tidying up before guests arrive.

9. Dress Up Windows With Long Curtains

Floor-length curtains are a great way to visually add depth to a room without taking up much space. Long curtains that go from the top of the window to the floor can make a room feel bigger. Select a set in a color you love that matches your decor for adding even more coziness to your home.

10. Install Open Shelving

Open shelving on walls is an excellent way to display pictures of the grandkids, trinkets and ornaments without taking up much space.

11. Put a Bench at the End of Your Bed

A well-placed storage bench at the end of your bed can hold extra linens, clothes or towels and also doubles as a great place to sit and put on your shoes in the morning. Make sure to choose one furnished with a cushioned top for extra comfort.

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